Welcome to Space & Lasers!

A big hello to everyone!

Welcome to my blog!

If you’ve read my About Me page, you’ll know I’ve completed a film degree. I’ve learnt about all aspects of film production. But the one thing I loved most was the storytelling. The screenwriting.

Through both primary school and high school, I wrote. Back then, I didn’t actually know the proper screenplay style so trust me when I say they aren’t the best. Since then though, I’ve worked away planning and preparing storylines and worlds alongside everything else life demands of me. And now I’m turning all that planning and preparation into screenplays.

I fully accept my screenplays may never get made (though it would be nice!). I’m just happy to be getting my stories down on paper and making them the best they can be. I’m currently working on two series: Nash and Highton Heroes.

So then, if I’m really just writing for fun, why Space & Lasers?

I decided I wanted a platform to share snippets of my stories with the world since it may not see the light of day otherwise. Writing is also a collaborative effort, and I’m keen to get feedback from anyone who’s keen to share it.

Not just concerned with my writing though, I want to talk about my inspirations. Many like to conceal their inspirations, but I strongly believe that no writing is without inspiration and it’s important to be open about them. I’ve grown up with a wide array of TV, movies and video games. Series in each of these mediums have inspired and helped guide me in what I write about today. So I want to shine the spotlight on them and talk about what makes them great.

My fav series and inspirations: Mass Effect, Halo, Ratchet and Clank, Superhero Movies, Christopher Nolan, The Expanse, Doctor Who, Star Wars

Lastly, writing is a funny thing. It’s not a straightforward process. It isn’t always something you can just learn. It’s a lot of trial and error. It’s about knowing rules and then knowing when to break those rules. I want to share my perspective on writing and some the ways I look at doing it (and not doing it!).

So, if you’re interested, please follow me on WordPress or my social channels, subscribe to my mailing list, or just bookmark my site!

So that’s my little overview of where this blog has been, and where it’s going as Space & Lasers. I have a lot more planned to write about here so stay tuned!

Til next time,


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