About Me

Hey there!

My name’s Dean, welcome to my blog!

All my life I’ve loved storytelling on the screen – whether it be TV, movies or video games.

I came out of a bachelor degree in film with knowledge and passion for screenwriting. Having finished some graduate study and settled down with an amazing wife and comfortable career, I’ve decided to really focus my free time on this passion.

Finally, after years of bouncing around in my head, I’m going to put my ideas to paper. Through Space & Lasers, I’m going to share my journey of writing with you, from story snippets to worldbuilding info.

I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan (so you can guess what I’m going to write about) and have been inspired by a lot of various media out there. In addition to discussing what I’m doing, I want to talk about what’s inspired me and why I think those inspirations are so great.

So join me on my writing journey as I flesh out my characters and world, and reflect on what’s brought me to creating them!