A quick overview of some of the key technology that shapes the story in Highton Heroes, especially Season 1.


Koltak is a new element that was created by accident as Earth’s pollution grew to catastrophic levels. It now serves as an emission-free fuel source across the planet. It can run vehicles and power generators anywhere from months to years before needing replenishment. Koltak single handedly brought humanity back from the brink of destruction and turned the planet into a fast-evolving technology powerhouse.

Fire Sword

A Fire Sword is an honoured and ceremonial weapon to the people of Highton. It was one of the first developed energy-based weapons within its walls and is used as a symbol of the city’s power. It is the only weapon Highton build themselves and not through Elestek. The Mayor and Supreme Commander are the only two ranks that get to design and use a Fire Sword. It takes extensive amounts of training to wield correctly. 

A Fire Sword has a cylinder-shaped hilt with a button. Attached to this hilt is a long cylinder-shaped glass tube with rounded top. In the glass tube, a heated liquid is stored. Originally, this liquid was lava. Today, it can be anything but the standard is molten Koltak, coloured to be aqua. This glowing rod can cause devastating damage. Additionally, holding a button on the hilt and swinging can fire out a heated blast of molten energy.

AIE Systems

While the first AIE system simply made training animals easier, the technology has been refined and improved so much that eventually it led to a talking mouse. This mouse set the precedent for a new wave of technology that would enhance animal intellect.

The AIE system today is a specialised chip which is implanted into an animal’s brain. The chip enhances an animal’s intelligence to a predetermined capacity. Once increased, the animal is able to learn to speak and think critically, five times as fast as humans. The animal basically becomes a human in animal form. This technology has been restricted to be used solely within Highton. 

Elestek Technology

Elestek is one of the biggest technology corporations currently active on Earth. They are based in Highton and primarily develop military technology including weapons, vehicles and armour. Their best technology is exclusive to Highton, Zantrax and The Capital. Less effective models are sometimes sold to other zones and factions for their public transport, law enforcement or militia.


Elestek weapons are regarded as the best of the best. They run on energy packs that can be coloured to reflect the faction they are used by. Energy Blasters, Energy Pistols and Sniper Rifles fire varying density energy beams. Ultra-Beam Cannons fire a constant energy beam. Energy grenades are clear tubes filled with coloured explosive liquid. Cluster Launchers shoot a clump of Energy Grenades that explode on impact. These are some common weapons used by Highton.


Elestek armours are designed for specific purposes, with several experimental variants used by Highton only. Base Armour is built from a special flexi-metal complete with helmet and digital visor. Mega Armour is solid and chunky, worn mostly by heavy units like Shock Troops. Chem Armour is a lighter armour with a full head covering and oxygen tank – it is built from a chemical resistant alloy.


Elestek vehicles are sleek with colourful Koltak fuelled engines. Highton predominately use Hover Transports and Hover Fighters. Elestek’s non-combat vehicles are more likely than any other Elestek technology to be seen outside The Capital such as the Freight Transport and the Giga Transport. Hover Speeders are common “flying cars” used in nearly all zones and factions across Earth. The Hover Garrison Speeder is a special variant of the Speeder with a turret attached, only used by Highton and Zantrax.

Arzen Technology

Technology made by the Arzen faction was unlike anything humanity had ever seen before. It utilised special replenishing energy cores that would allow the weapon to work indefinitely. The cores did require time to replenish, therefore an Arzen Warrior often carried multiple weapons. While the Arzen are now extinct, The Crazy Guy’s army has captured their dormant technology and is using it against Highton.


The primary Arzen weapons are The Head and The Fist. The Head is a bronze stick topped with a strange cat head. The cat head fires a golden heated light beam from its mouth. The Fist consists of two large bronze fists with a golden energy field around them. This energy barrier deals a crushing blow and can form a defensive barrier.


Arzen’s wore ceremonial bronze and black armour pads around the weak points of their bodies such as their chests, arms, knees and feet. For many, these armour pads would come with an energy barrier installed, generating a golden field around the user. This field could absorb a lot of damage before being depleted.