Vigor Abilities


To recap, the Vigor chemical was discovered on one of the moons in the Veras system in 2381. When injected into a living organism, it fuses with the organism’s DNA and allows them to utilise a range of telekinetic and elemental based abilities.

Vigor also grants increased strength, resilience, flexibility and speed – allowing the user to survive greater falls and jump to great heights. This improvement to the body is referred to as a Vigor Resilience or Vigor Buff.


When Vigor Abilities are used, the area in which the ability emits from (hand or foot) emits an aura of energy and the veins of the user’s skin glow with the Vigor chemical. Most abilities in action can be visibly witnessed. For example, Vigor Blast emits or summons a barrage of glowing energy.

When found, the Vigor chemical was blue and thus the auras and glowing veins are blue on Vigor users. When a Vigor Human becomes corrupted and turns Shadow Knight, their Vigor turns red. Their aura and glowing veins become red in addition to their other physical changes. Despite the capabilities of a Vigor Human, Shadow Knights are significantly more powerful.

The power level of a Vigor Human is dependent on a range of factors including the amount injected, the ability of the body’s DNA to interact effectively with the chemical, or how many Vigor parents in the case of a Vigor child.

Vigor Abilities

Vigor Motion

Allows the user to telekinetically hold or grab hold of objects or beings. The user is then able to move, push or pull the held object or being in any direction. Shadow Knights can exert pressure in or out from this grip, effectively pulling something apart or crushing the grabbed object/being.

Vigor Blast

Push a force of energy from the hands or feet, and thrust any surrounding matter away without making contact.

Vigor Barrier

Forms a two dimensional wall of energy from the user’s hands that repels any incoming fire or attacks. Maintaining a barrier requires much stamina, meaning the barrier can’t be held indefinitely.

Shadow Knight Abilities

In addition to the above-mentioned Vigor Abilities, Shadow Knights possess four (known) additional powers.

Vigor Shield

A Vigor Shield uses the energy that makes a Vigor Barrier but forms a protective defence around the entire body, similar to a standard energy shield. Forming and maintaining a Vigor Shield uses much more stamina and energy than a simple Barrier.

Vigor Electricity

Generates a ball of red electrical energy within the user’s hand. This electric ball can be thrown as an energy bomb, or fired as a beam of electricity.

Vigor Flame

Generates a powerful and deadly beam of red fire. This red fire burns twice as hot as normal fire, but only for a brief amount of time. The fire is focused and will not tend to spread. It can be fired as a beam or thrown as a fire bomb.

Vigor Missile

Allows the user to generate a missile shape of energy and fire it at enemies. The missile will make an energy explosion. Multiple can be fired at once by powerful users.

Vigor Hand-To-Hand

Vigor Humans and Shadow Knights can also use their powers in a close quarter setting. The user will form a Vigor Barrier around their hands, feet or head and fight using various hand-to-hand combat styles such as karate or Jiu-Jitsu.

The Vigor Barrier essentially turns normal attacks into devastating blows. A match between a Vigor Human and regular human would end with a regular human having several shattered bones.

Vigor Hand-To-Hand can also incorporate certain ranged attacks. Most notably, after a hit, a Vigor Human can use their Vigor Blast ability to push an enemy back.