The official logo for the sci-fil action Nash film series. Nash in capital letters, blue outline with a blue glow.

Nash is a series of live action sci-fi films set in a future where humanity has expanded across multiple systems in our galaxy but has not yet met intelligent alien life. A chemical found buried on a gas giant moon was found to give humans enhanced powers when injected. These powers are called Vigor Abilities and their users are dubbed Vigor Humans. Some of these Vigor Humans corrupted and became Shadow Knights, seeking to fulfil a mysterious purpose which means the destruction of humanity.

The first film takes place in 2429. Vigor Humans won a war against the Shadow Knights some thirty years ago and it is believed they are extinct. The film follows the children of the original Vigor Humans as they band together as a team and discover the Shadow Knights are not as extinct as many believe. This team become The Vigor Force, consisting of Kai Nash, Nathan Reach, Adam Tachett, Zane Auburn and Lana Flemming.

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