The official logo for animated sci-fi action TV Series - Highton Heroes. White text that reads 'Highton Heroes' sits atop an off-angle aqua blue circle.

Highton Heroes is an animated sci-fi action TV series set in a very distant future of Earth, let’s say the 26th century. Humanity has not yet settled other planets. Instead, the accidental discovery of a clean fuel named Koltak has allowed Earth to recover environmentally and become a technological powerhouse. Highton is a city which has a sole purpose – the defence and maintained order of Earth. Everyone in the town serves as part of the army or in service of the army.

The first season will take place when the main character, Ben Tully, becomes the reluctant Mayor of Highton after his father’s death. Being Mayor means more in Highton – it combines the role of a city’s mayor in conjunction with the tasks of commanding an entire military. With his outsider wife Lucy, the two must face obstruction and bitterness from Highton traditionalists. On top of that, a new threat has emerged – The Crazy Guy. He’s an unstable but intelligent villain who raises a mentally controlled and well-equipped army with the intent of destroying Highton.

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