Highton Heroes: The World Behind It

The world behind the TV Series Highton Heroes

Hi everyone!

I want to kick off 2022 by posting some deeper info and insights about my project Highton Heroes.

I talked last year about getting through the gruelling process of the first draft. In the last month, I’ve been working away on revising each episode through second, third and fourth drafts.

It’s a long road but one that is very rewarding. Seeing the screenplay evolve from the rough (awful) pieces of the first draft into a tighter coherent narrative makes the gruelling first draft process finally pay off.

But enough about the process and what I’m up to.

Let’s dig in and explore the world behind the Highton Heroes series.

Quick Overview

Highton Heroes is set in a very distant future version of Earth – let’s say somewhere in 26th century.  Technology has advanced to amazing heights, meaning the series has a very futuristic feel. The world is completely reorganised to the way it is now, leaving the door open for endless possibilities.

Earth & The Sol System

Despite being set in a distant future where technology is booming, Earth hasn’t yet ventured out into the stars to settle on new planets.

With the advent of a mass-produced clean renewable fuel known as Koltak (not real unfortunately), and other sustainable technologies, humanity instead focused on reviving and developing their planet into a powerhouse civilisation. Major pollutants have all been eradicated. The environment is in peak condition. Standard of living is generally comfortable, depending on where you live.

Most of the zones and factions of Earth interconnect politically and economically, excluding a few who like to remain as isolated and self-dependant as possible. Even these independent zones must still be represented on the Council and report in regularly.

Earth Politics

As Earth grew, humanity was torn apart and put back together over centuries of war and bickering. Eventually, a unified government emerged.  This unified government started as a large Council. Each zone or faction of Earth was represented by a Councillor. With the Council reaching over 200 members, too many conflicting voices and disputes eventually led to the need for a centralised ruler.

An elected centralised ruler was established. They are known as the President – President of Earth. This centralised ruler would not act as a dictator, but as a mediator. They would help resolve disputes between zones and factions and make decisions for the good of the planet as a whole. While the centralised ruler system is not perfect, and corrupt leaders have emerged, the system has withstood the test of time (so far).

Under this centralised ruler, the Council remained intact. Councillors represent each zone or territory. Each zone and territory has its own set of rules, within some reason. All zone Councillors and some faction Councillors are elected. Other faction Councillors are decided by less common means such as family descendants or battle.

In each zone or faction, there will usually be a serving leader for each city, town or faction camp. Each of these leader’s report to their Councillor. Typically, they go by the title of Regional Coordinator or Mayor. Factions are less ‘civilised’ than Zones and their leadership is more complex, sometimes barbaric. While sub-leaders of these factions go by many names, officially they are classed as Chieftains.

A basic overview of Earth's political setup: President, Councillor, Regional Coordinator, Mayor and Chieftan.
A basic overview of Earth’s political setup

The Centre Cities

In order to maintain control of Earth, the President has 3 zones under their direct control: The Capital, Highton and Zantrax.


Zantrax is the largest and most secure prison on the planet. It is specifically for all prisoners arrested by Highton or The Capital. Most prisoners are high-risk and have threatened multiple zones and factions.

The Capital

The Capital is a vast megalopolis which serves as the main government and business centre of Earth. The President lives here. All political related meetings and developments occur here. All the HQs for every major company on Earth reside here. Anyone in the Capital is either part of the political or corporate system. Anyone else who lives here works for one of these two things.  Anyone who doesn’t, must go live somewhere else.


Highton is a large megacity which serves one purpose: the defence or maintained order of Earth. The whole city is essentially one large military operation that polices the planet. Highton’s army maintains order while also dealing with out-of-line factions and supervillains. All who are born here must serve Highton in one capacity or another, or leave.

While most of Highton’s people are born within its walls, many apply for citizenship to become part of the city.  Rigorous mental and physical tests must be passed to become a citizen.

I hope you found this in-depth overview of the world surrounding Highton Heroes interesting. Next, I’ll take a deeper dive into a Highton itself (the series is named after it afterall).

If you found this post a bit technical and heavy, maybe you’ll be keen to read about Highton Heroes characters instead!

Til next time,

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