The Big Players in Nash

A low opacity rocket represents the sci-fi nature of Nash while the two cutouts of people represent the main characters in Nash.

Hello there,

It’s been quiet on the writing front in recent weeks. I’ve been taking some time out to reflect on and build up my screenwriting skills. I’ve done some research in areas I considered myself weak and have already learned so many things I’d been missing.  

If there’s one lesson I want to share before I dive in, it’s that learning never stops. You can always learn more. You can always make your craft better. Taking some time out to do that now and again can help give you a fresh perspective on your works.

Anyway, enough lessons. Characters! I wanted to introduce some of the big players that shape the story in Nash I. Five of these characters are part of The Vigor Force. While I would consider Kai, the Vigor Force leader, to be the main protagonist, I consider Nash to be more of group protagonist story. Together, these characters drive and shape the plot.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Kai Nash

Kai is the son of Harold Nash, a Vigor Human hero of the Vigor War. Harold raised Kai solely after his mother was killed at Age 5. When Kai was 7, his father saw him exhibit signs of Vigor Abilities. This forced him to completely shelter Kai from the world out of fear he might be captured by the Human Military Alliance (HMA) or Shadow Knights. The two would go on to live in a shack on a remote planet in Sovereign Colony territory for over 15 years. Harold focused his time educating Kai and training him to use his abilities. From his father’s influence, Kai sees himself as a hero and protector who must defend humanity from the Shadow Knights. He idolises his father as the perfect role model. Having grown up so isolated from the world, most of Kai’s knowledge is purely academic. He has no experience or knowledge of how the world really works which gives him a blind optimism and trust.

Nathan Reach

Nathan began leading a normal life, but when his Vigor Abilities began to manifest at age 7, his parents fearfully fled into a reclusive life. After a year in hiding, they felt they were being watched and hunted. The found Harold Nash and handed over Nathan while they dealt with the problem. They never returned. Nathan would grow up alongside Kai and the two would become close, like brothers. Together they trained and trained under the guidance of Harold Nash. Nathan was never able to fall into Kai’s blind dedication and optimism. He’d had a normal life, and missed it. Despite his reservations, he did still respect Harold. He would still follow through with his training. But he was difficult to teach and live with at times.

Zane Auburn

Zane was born a Vigor Child to his Father, a dedicated HMA military man. Zane’s mother never wanted a family life and ran away when he was very young. Thanks to his father’s influence, Zane was raised to develop a patriotic view of the Alliance and HMA, and blindly followed his father’s teachings. Zane was the first Vigor Child to reveal their powers, which caught the immediate attention of the HMA. Even though Zane held his father in high regard, he was mostly raised by babysitters and military schools while his father was out on missions. Zane’s father was killed on a dangerous mission when Zane was 11. The Sovereign Colonies were blamed which fuelled Zane’s hatred for them. For years, Zane was the only member of a new Vigor Task Force the HMA were attempting to build. He remains an unacademic and brash individual who only cares about blowing away his enemies with powers and big guns.

Adam Tachett

Adam started his life normal, growing up in the city. He displayed high intelligence from a young age like his scientist father. At Age 8, Adam started showing signs of the Vigor Abilities he inherited from his mother. Adam’s parents trained him to repress his powers, until an incident at age 11 forced him use them against a bully. Adam’s mother took him and the two ran away, fearful the HMA might find out. Adam’s father pursued them, not wanting to lose his son. This forced the two further and further into Sovereign territory where they were eventually attacked, and Adam’s mother was killed. Adam managed to save himself and returned to his father. He was then inducted into the HMA Vigor Task Force where he worked to develop his powers alongside Zane. Despite the two being incredibly different, they bonded over their situation. Alongside his powers, Adam pursues interests in science and technology, working privately to develop his skills and knowledge.

Lana Fleming

Lana has gone through an incredibly tumultuous upbringing. Her Vigor Human father died before she was born and her mother was killed by her new partner when Lana was 3. Lana was pushed through orphanage after orphanage and foster home after foster home. The only home she found comfort in was short lived when her new foster mother passed away from illness and she was separated from her new foster brother. At this point in her life, she was 15. She was older and smarter. This time when she ran way, she managed to get herself off world. She now lives a carefree life, bouncing around the Veras System, exploring new worlds and having wild adventures. Growing up in the places she did, the Vigor chemical was never found in her system and she never exhibited abilities. But the abilities are in there, waiting to reveal themselves.

Peter Rogers

Rogers served as part of Earth’s police force before the Vigor War. He heard much about the Vigor Humans as they united humanity, which eventually sparked him to enlist in the HMA. By the time the Vigor War came, he’d reached the rank of Sergeant. Rogers was front and centre through many of the Vigor War battles and watched as the Vigor Humans helped turn the tide in battles that were all but lost. After the war, Rogers was promoted to General and relentlessly pursued an agenda to build a bigger, stronger Vigor Force. But the HMA were neither committed to forcing the original Vigor Humans back nor creating new ones. This left Rogers plans in tatters, until Zane became the first Vigor Child. Now a Military Chief, Rogers continues to seek out Vigor Children to strengthen his newly formed Vigor Task Force. Rogers ultimate goal is the destruction of the Sovereign Colonies and complete unification of humanity. He, like many, believe the Shadow Knights have been destroyed.

Shadow Master

Shadow Master is a tall figure dressed in red and black robes with black metal claws on the back of each finger. He is a Shadow Knight, and therefore has red eyes and thick black patches surrounding his eyes and on the back of his hands. Shadow Master’s origins and identity remain a mystery. All Knights from the war were former Vigor Humans who corrupted. Shadow Master appeared out of nowhere, years after the war was ended. Her has been secretly working on a mysterious plan with his follower Knight Sever to fulfil ‘The Purpose’. Shadow Master is very powerful, calculating and methodical. He shows no emotion or weakness. While this is true of Knights in general, Shadow Master takes it to a whole new level. He may look human but does not act like one in any way.

It was hard to only start with these characters. They are the main players in Nash, but there’s definitely several more I could share. Not just from Nash I, but its sequels too. But for now, I’m containing myself.

Despite my love for Nash, I definitely felt my characters in this series were a little less developed than those in Highton Heroes. I chalk this up to two reasons. One, Highton Heroes is a TV series and needs a lot more story legs to stand on, so I had to be more thorough. Two, the Vigor Force members are all around 18. They’re stories are only really just beginning in Nash I. While there’s obviously history in those 18 years, there’s nowhere near as much as someone in their 30’s.

Those aren’t excuses though. While I believe I’ve cracked the core of my Nash characters, I believe there’s always more to be done to flesh them out.

Have any questions or suggestions? I’m always excited to hear about them!

One more Nash info drop to go. The infamous technology post.

Til next time,


2 thoughts on “The Big Players in Nash

  1. Awesome characters but there could be more girl power maybe Lana Fleming might have a twin sister better yet an evil twin sister great start


    1. Definitely a good point! There are more characters I’ve left out, plus a very important character will be introduced in Nash II 🙂


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